Welcome to the official website of the BEST Group!

We're five Microsystemes-Engineering students of the University of Freiburg who develop an automatic bicycle lighting system. We attend in the Cosima competition of the VDE with our product. On this page you can get a small overview about or project and the progress we make.


We want to thank Linear Technology for sponsoring us with their Chips we use. At our Project we will use the LT3652HV, the LTC3539 and the LTC1540.

The 3D printed housings of the turninglights and the remote-control as well as the slides for mounting the PCB and the battery arrived! Thanks to Techno-Grafica for sponsoring us theese Parts!
Tout Terrain has finished our metal-housings. At the moment they are being anodized by Dr. Lauck Oberflaechentechnik. Thanks for that. Here are a few pictures of the metal-housingparts. Check them out!
There is a new video regarding our innovative housing, which probably will used at the presentation of the Cosima finals. Check it out!

We are proud to announce, that the Techno-Grafica GmbH will support our project with professional 3D lasersintered parts. Thank You!
The presentation for the Design of MEMs II course is over. We have some working electronic test-PCBs which now ionclude also the anti-theft alert and the remote locking and unlocking. The final electronics part to be testet is now the USB-power and then the electronics part can be finished by designig the actual PCB!
We say "Thank you" to the company Sick AG from Waldkirch wich will provide some financial support for our project.

We have a new housing design-concept inspired by a housing of tout terrain. The main electronics part will be placed in a pipe in the fork-shaft and only one small part will be visible above the stem. This housing requires a massive shrinking of our electronics part, which will be the next task. The pictures are some CAD files and also some 3D powder-printed prototypes.
The guys from company Tout Terrain will support us with the fabrication of our housings and they will also provide us a show-bike for the electronica expo. Our Team is very happy to get professional advice from a company in the field of bike-manufacturing.
We wanted to thank the "Deutschlaender Leiterplatten GmbH" for supporting our team with the cost-neutral fabrication of the PCBs we need!
The second version of the power-management part works properly. With this version, the area of the PCB can be decreased by at least 9 square centimetres. There is also some new functionality like lockout of the charger. When no energy supply is available, the leakeage current into the charger is as low as femto amperes. There is also a better overvoltage protection on the dynamo input, and the power management unit meets now the requirements, to draw efficiently energy from an AC current source like the dynamo. The DC input is now operatable at 24 volts leading to compability with e-bikes.

There is an advertisment flyer of our project. Click here to view it as a pdf file.

There are some new ideas for the design of the housings by Christian. Check them out by clicking on the photo.
We want to thank the company Osram Opto Semiconductors GmbH for providing us with a few hundred LEDs for free! The LEDs are of the type Duris E5 and Power TopLED and will be used for the frontlight as well as for the signal-lights.

We are participating in the 2014 cosima competition of the VDE. For more information visit the official cosima site: http://partner.vde.com/cosima-mems/ .
The pictures 3D-printed prototype housings are online. Click here to check them out!
Click here to see some of the pcb-prototype designs!
Some CAD-Pictures of the first version of the housing can be seen here.
-The video of our idea to mount the turning lights is online. Check it out!